WEEK 17: Permission

PERMISSION and approval starts at a young age.  I can remember I had to ask my mother permission for anything I wanted or wanted to do.  Mother may I go out doors, Mother may I have a snack, Mother may I watch TV and so on.  At that age we needed to ask permission from someone else so we could do things and not get into trouble.   As we grow the permission stops and we forget that we need to get permission from ourselves as we go through life.

Hard concept for me to give permission to be good to myself, permission to love myself.  When Mark talked about permission  a light bulb that went off in my head.  Permission to be successful and permission to be the ideal weight for myself..

I have always had a hard time with my weight all my life I used food as comfort in the year 1980 when I was at my ideal weight, I was very competitive did competitive trail riding and endurance riding, anyone who has horses would know what that  is, I was in good shape and happy with myself.  Then a comment came along from my x-husband, you are a slut, you are no good, who do you think you are.  Even today I remember those haunting words because I went to my brothers wedding looking exceptional and I knew it, I had worded hard then to be knocked down and crushed.

Ever since then my weight ballooned up to 320 pounds, after the divorce I did loose some and then yo-yoed back and forth between 250 and 290 pounds never getting back to my ideal weight of 160 pounds.

Finally I gave myself permission on January 1, 2014 not really a New Years resolution because I don’t make those but permission to be my ideal weight again and (not to lose) but to release the pounds from my body and to become a healthier me.  It is my time!!!!!!!!!! ME to do this for ME!!!!!  I know not very good English but I don’t care their is no judgment on myself anymore I don’t need my Moms permission, even thought she puts in her two cents worth, I only need to give myself the permission.  What a release, I am proud to say I have given up wheat, have not had any cravings for sugar anymore, and steadily releasing the pounds to a ideal weight for me and a healthier me.  See, it is all about me and giving myself permission.


WEEK 16 – Kindness to You

I AM NATURES GREATEST MIRACLE, we are natures greatest miracle and why don’t we treat ourselves that way.  We have been writing kindnesses of other people, what we observe in our travels and what we do for others but not one post do I see what somebody has done for himself.  That goes for me too, I am always out their helping other people and in my 15 mins of silence, I was told if we are natures greatest miracle we should be doing kindness to us first.  The order should be “The God of your Understanding”; Yourself; Your spouse: Your Family and then everyone else.  When you, make you happy or do kindness for YOU; your energy level will rise, that gives you the energy to help everyone else out.

A very hard lesson to learn when we need to learn to love me first, be good to our body, mind and spirit.  When we are in harmony with our spirit, our body, and our mind we are a person of perfection.  For 95 per cent of us we are out of balance, we are not grounded, we are somewhere up in the clouds.  To be in balance we have to treat our body like a temple, when the body is healthy, our mind is clear, and when our mind is clear our spirit with shine.

Example is Mark J:  P90X – Body (he is treating is body like a temple)  Mind – he reads good books, positive mental attitude changing the blueprint, and Meditation -spirit, listening to what God has to say.  Mark is in total harmony with himself.  He treats himself with kindness. Great mentor.

Stuff gets in our way to prevent us from doing this.  As we treat everyone with love and kindness my suggestion for the upcoming week to through in a kindness to yourself. To the everyone we are:  NATURES GREATEST MIRACLE,  treat yourself.  I am going for a pedicure and going to swim 3x this week!!!!!! What are you doing to do???

Blessings to everyone, It is BE KIND TO YOU week 😉

WEEK 15 – The Light That Shines

Shine your Light:  This will be my favorite blog posts because it has to do with shinning your light.   In doing the master mind and changing our blue print do you realize what happens to us, the light that surrounds us gets brighter and brighter.  Our happiness with ourselves sends energy out into the world that energy is light.  Each and everyone of us changing ourselves produces good energy, that energy goes out into the world as light beams and those beams of light becomes brighter and brighter.

Ever notice when you are in a good mood, incredibly  happy the more people we attract, that is our positive energy attached is a light which is our Aura.  When people come in contact with us has we are shinning our love and light to the world, they love the energy and want to get more of this energy.  We call these people energy vampires.

Another analogy, somebody walks into the room, dressed kind of funky but they have a smile that is awesome, they are positive and happy everyone notices them because they are letting their light shine.  The most gorgeous male or female, dressed to the 9, if their light is not shinning and they might have an attitude of negativism nobody in the room is attracted to them.

You might be noticing as we  continue in our studies that certain people that we might have been very close friends with are starting to leave us.  I bet you are wondering why, “God or creator sometimes removes people from your life to protect you”, DON’t RUN AFTER THEM!!!!!!!!”  Our light is shinning so brightly that these people can’t stand to be around us, the people that are negative, complaining, and in the darkness.  The God of your belief wants you to be surrounded by other light workers.  We can spread this light to all.

As we progress in the master mind it teaches us that we are the “Light of the World” we wake up every morning with love in our heart, we are happy, we help people, we do good things.  Mark is leading us to be the 100th monkey, we lead by example, other people will like what they see and copy us, More and more people will catch on, we as a small group will turn this world around with our light.  Go out into the world and let your light shine.

Week 14: Underdogs Win

Movie time Saturday afternoon temperature 5 degrees, hot cocoa, a couch, blanket and a feel good movie.  What a great day in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, in today’s world our movies are rough, tough, violence, bad language and not worth watching.  Today our movie was “Cool Running”  I have seen it before but this time I really watched in a different light I took in every word and every emotion.

If you are a underdog and have been told you can’t, you are no good, and you don’t belong.  Some people would say “Forgetaboutit” Watching this movie about a Jamaican Bobsled team, against all odds, no money, no knowledge of the sport, and having no clue what they were getting into, and  no team spirit.  They had one thing in common “A DREAM” each individual had their own dream, their own reason and through failure came together and achieved a goal that no other team had ever done.  In achieving this goal they went through ups and downs but they persisted, learned, grew knowledge, along with humor and becoming themselves they perceived and met their achievement.  Did they win, watch the movie you will love it and bring in the children.

What are we teaching our children, our young adults in to days sports world and I see is drugs, alcohol, and violence.  Our children are impressionable, the professional athletes have a lot to learn, they should be watching movies like Cool Running and another movie I would recommend is the “Miracle Team” US hockey team that did not have a chance.  This is what we should be showing our children and teaching respect, honor, dreams, to be an individual and don’t quit.  Persist in your goals.  I remember when I was riding horses, I would fall off then I would get right back on.  In the show ring that was embarrassing but I didn’t care I persisted and in the end I achieved.

As a team, many different personalities, but each individual had something to teach each other.  Take many strengths and put them together feed off each other and what do you have an ingredient called SUCCESS!!!!!  We are our own individual person, we have a dream, a goal, through other people that have the knowledge, copying what they do but be YOU an individual.  The guy or gal in the glass.  You are AWESOME!!!!!!

Our tools are Mastermind Alliance, our mentors, as we persist through trial and error and what works for us, we come out on top and “WIN” 

Week 13: Karma

I believe the law of cause and effect is Karma.   What you put out into the universe whether positive or negative will come back to you 10 fold.  When I started to believe in this concept I changed, for the better,   I watched what was going on around me and how peoples thoughts and then actions ruined them.  It is like the hamster in the wheel, this hamster goes around and around in the same place over and over again.  We keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.  We are afraid to step out of our comfort zone and take a chance and that keeps us from becoming the person that the creator wants us to be.

There is another phrase be careful what you ask for you just might get it.  I am very careful with my words and what I say.  Words are what will bring on the cause and effect.  During the holidays families can say “stuff” that might not be what you want to hear and they might do something to irritate you.  Sending the love and responding in a positive way not knowing why they are reacting to the situation, as I put it” I have not walked in their shoes” judgment.  How you react to a negative energy is what you will get in return.  Their is no good that comes out of negative energy, cause and effect, how you react is important or say nothing at all.  Another saying “Open mouth Insert Foot”  I have done that a lot and the cause and effect was not good.  My motto is if you can’t say anything positive say nothing at all.




WEEK 12: Procrastination

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today!!!!!  I thought about this long and hard, procrastination came up in my mind what does it really mean, went to my trusty dictionary “goggle on line  Wikipedia” below is the definition of procrastination.

Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last minute”. According to Freud, the pleasure principle may be responsible for procrastination; one may prefer to avoid negative emotions, and to delay stressful tasks. The belief that one works best under pressure provides an additional incentive to postponement of tasks.[1] Some psychologists cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.[2] Other psychologists indicate that anxiety is just as likely to get people to start working early as late and the focus should be impulsiveness. That is, anxiety will cause people to delay only if they are impulsive.[3]

Very interesting, why is it I keep putting these blogs off.  I always find something better to do,  “The pleasure principle”, I do not like to blog so I put it off for something better and the other principle that caught my eye is I work better under stress knowing that if I don’t get these blogs done I will NOT like the consequences .

My conclusion is we really put our subconscious or “subby” through a lot with are mental creations, or “excuses”!!!!   I finally put into my DMP I will do my blogging faithfully every week, I LOVE TO BLOG with enthusiasm and now I am waiting for the subby to kick in.  I chuckle as I sit here writing this blog I can hear my mind say “Ah Right” so here is another argument with the old blueprint.   I have a lot of those arguments between new blueprint and old blueprint it is not easy to change, it is work, but if you want a different outcome we all need to change for the better.   Step out of your comfort zone and move forward yes there will be arguments with the subby, but if we continue to persist we will win the war.

Week 11: Dwelling in Truth

1511743_562499103828592_1943345896_o Dwelling in Truth: “I stand in the light of truth.”“The soul loves the truth. Be honest with yourself and listen to your inner guidance. Follow it by speaking your truth. There is a place inside of you that always know the truth. Take time to be still, to discover that genuine place of knowing within. Often the hardest thing about living your truth is discovering what it is, so it’s important to slow down, be quiet, and listen to the whispers of your soul.”  This happen when we were taught in the beginning to sit absolutely still, we could not even scratch our nose.  We begin to dive deep inside to get in touch with our subby, and our soul. In what area of your life do you need to shine the light of truth? Be honest with yourself and take action if needed.  Don’t wait any longer or dwell in excuses. End the year strong and take a stand for your truth. Probably your Soul will ask you to take a leap of faith or move out of your comfort zone.  I did not want to end the year in failure so turned my blueprint around told my old blueprint go to H___!!!!!!  This may be a new revelation stop procrastinating and “get urrr done”!! Allow these new insights to motivate you to embrace the path of your heart’s true desires and your intuition.  Additional meaning: liberation. Suddenly seeing the truth. Rapid, inevitable change. The law of cause and effect.